The simplified journey to sell with Amazon Mexico FBA

We simplify selling with AMAZON MEXICO FBA with our comprehensive suite of services, including Mexican tax ID, compliance certifications, and seamless importing and preparation solutions.

Benefit from our complete service package and use our tax identification and import processing, or establish your own subsidiary to start selling through AMAZON MEXICO FBA.

1. Use our tax ID and import services

The straightforward choice to sell with AMAZON MEXICO FBA is to partner with us, leveraging our expertise to navigate Mexican tax regulations, obtain necessary permits, and ensure smooth product approvals. The benefits include:

1. Already available Mexican tax ID and import license

  • Immediate local address
  • Bank account
  • No applying for a tax ID (RFC) through SAT
  • Valid import license

2. No worry about regulations

  • No worry about regulations and standards applicable to your product category, such as NOMs in Mexico
  • Full-service with COFEPRIS approval for product categories requiring it (equivalent to the FDA)

3. Full-service importation

  • Full-service for import including customs broker and Mexican customs declaration
  • Easy determination of customs duties for imports
  • Fast customs clearance

4. Preparation of inventory

  • Storage and preparation services available
  • Save shipping of your products to the selected storage location
  • Fast preparation of products including bundling/kitting, labeling, and item preparation
  • Inexpensive quality check on the products/items before selling with local personnel 

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2. Start with your own subsidiary

Having your own branch enables closer control over operations with AMAZON MEXICO FBA and a faster response to regional needs and trends.

1. Obtain mexican tax ID

  • Choose between establishing a partnership or a corporation
  • Define legal representative and local address
  • Obtain Mexican Tax ID and import license
  • Set up bank account


2. Obtain compliance certifications for your products

  • Obtain COFEPRIS approval if needed
  • Ensure compliance with NOMs and labeling requirements
  • Obtain NOM certifications

3. Customs and Importation

  • Get customs support and import your products to Mexico
  • Select Customs broker
  • Determine HTS codes for customs duties
  • Complete MX Customs Declaration forms
  • Pay tariffs
  • Obtain Customs clearance

4. Preparation of inventory

  • Choose storage provider or Amazon’s FC
  • Clear goods with Customs broker
  • Ship products to storage location
  • Prepare products for sale (bundling/kitting, labeling)
  • Conduct quality checks

It takes approximately 3 months from setting up the company to applying for a tax number to start working with AMAZON MEXICO FBA. A local tax consultant and accountant with international experience is required to ensure ongoing operations.


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