Establishing a company in Mexico

Find out how you can successfully establish a company in Mexico. From choosing the right legal form to registering with the Public Commercial Registry and registering with the Mexican Social Security, we will guide you through every step of the process. Learn more about the different legal forms, licensing procedures and other important steps when establishing a company in Mexico in our comprehensive guide below. Our experienced team will support you every step of the way to ensure your incorporation goes smoothly and efficiently. Contact us for a safe and fast business setup in Mexico.


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1. Legal forms to establish a company in Mexico

Sociedad Anónima de Capital Variable (S.A. de C.V.): This type of company is ideal for setting up a branch in Mexico. With its own legal personality and limited liability of the shareholders, it offers flexibility and security.

Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada de Capital Variable (S. de R.L. de C.V.): A popular option for small companies looking for limited liability and easier incorporation.

Establecimiento Permanente (Permanent Establishment): Ideal for foreign companies looking to conduct business in Mexico without establishing their own branch.

Representative office: If you do not want to establish your own branch office but want to focus on business development and marketing, a representative office is a suitable option.

2. Approval of the use of the name

We will help you obtain approval for your company name from the Ministry of Economic Affairs to ensure that it is unique and can be used.

3. Create articles of association and notarization

Together with our lawyers and a notary, we draw up the appropriate articles of association for your company and ensure that they are notarized.

4. Notification of the use of the company name

We take care of filing the notice of use of the company name’s use with the Ministry of Economy to successfully establish your company in Mexico.



5. Entry in the public commercial register

Once your company has been established, it will be entered in the public commercial register by our reliable notary.


6. Registration in the federal taxpayer register

We will register your company in the Federal Register of Taxpayers in order to assign you a tax number.

7. Registration with the Mexican Social Security (IMSS)

We support you in registering your company with the Mexican social security system to enable you to hire staff.

8. Registration in the RNIE

According to Mexican regulations, companies with foreign participation are registered in the National Registry of Foreign Investment (RNIE).

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We offer comprehensive support for establishing your business in Mexico. From selecting the right legal structure to handling name approvals, drafting statutes, and completing registrations with various authorities, our experienced team ensures a smooth and efficient process. Contact us today for expert guidance tailored to your business needs.