Trust in our notary in Mexico

Welcome to our Mexico Notary Service, your partner for legal matters in Mexico. Our experienced team collaborates closely with a renowned Mexican notary to provide you with a wide range of services to make your business successful.


Why a notary in Mexico?


In Mexico, the involvement of a notary in business matters is of crucial importance. With our expertise and collaboration with a qualified notary, we provide you with reliable and well-founded legal support tailored to the needs of your company.

Company Formation

We assist you in establishing your company in Mexico and also support you in restructurings such as mergers, acquisitions, or conversions.

Contractual Matters

Our team accompanies you in the drafting, review, and notarization of various contracts, including commercial agreements, lease agreements, employment contracts, and more.

Corporate Legal Advice

Receive well-founded legal advice on corporate law matters, including corporate governance, shareholder agreements, and compliance requirements.

Estate Planning

Our notary assists you in creating wills, powers of attorney, and other estate planning documents to secure the future of your company and your family.

Commercial and Tax Law

We provide advice and support on all matters of commercial and tax law to ensure that your company complies with all relevant legal requirements and benefits from tax advantages.

Real Estate Matters

From real estate purchase agreements to land registry entries, we guide you through all legal aspects related to real estate transactions.

Document Notarization

Our notary certifies a variety of documents, including articles of incorporation, powers of attorney, commercial register extracts, and more, to ensure their legal validity.

Egal, in welcher Phase sich Ihr Unternehmen befindet oder welche rechtlichen Herausforderungen Sie bewältigen müssen – unser Mexiko-Notar-Service steht Ihnen zur Seite. Kontaktieren Sie uns noch heute, um mehr über unsere Dienstleistungen zu erfahren und einen Beratungstermin zu vereinbaren. Mit unserer Unterstützung können Sie sicher sein, dass Ihr Unternehmen auf einem soliden rechtlichen Fundament steht.​


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