Business Consulting in Mexiko

Our business consultants will take care of your economic, legal and tax issues in Mexico.


Are you looking for a suitable location in Mexico? Our business consultants will support you in your search for suitable locations. Would you like to have analyses of land prices, real estate prices and the availability of qualified personnel in advance? Our business consultants will provide you with detailed information to help you make an informed decision about which location in Mexico is right for you. In the course of our many years of experience, we have personally traveled to large parts of Mexico and have contacts to important real estate companies, construction companies, authorities and decision-makers. 


Would you like to set up a company in Mexico? Our management consultancy will inform you about the different forms of business and show you in detail the organizational and tax implications of each form of business. Do you need your own branch in Mexico and do you want to keep costs low and not hire a managing director and administrative staff right away? Our business consultants will take care of your company in Mexico and take over the administration. This way you have a fully operational Mexican company, which is at the same time extremely lean and cost effective. You do not have your own local staff, but would like to have a tax number and your own bank account. Mexico Consulting will handle administrative procedures for you and ensure that you have an operational company within the shortest possible time. 

Amazon is currently experiencing unprecedented growth in Mexico. Since Amazon entered Mexico, many international sellers are active on the Amazon marketplace in Mexico. Would you like to know how you can sell quickly and easily on Mexican marketplaces? Our business consultants have excellent contacts with Amazon Mexico, know the local service providers and can also handle imports for you. We offer a comprehensive range of services for companies active in e-commerce and enable a cost-effective entry into the Latin American markets. You need a company in Mexico, but do not want to hire your own staff? Our management consultancy will take care of the establishment and administration of your subsidiary.

Business beyond the borders of Mexico

Our management consultancy is active beyond the borders of Mexico. We would be happy to discuss with you our experience in numerous other countries of the American continent. We advise companies in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia and numerous Central American countries. With our lawyer in São Paulo, we can also offer you sound advice and support in Brazil. Our business advisors know ways to use Mexican sales and production in connection with numerous free trade agreements to help you succeed in other countries.

Sales and Representatives

We are business consultants and for more than 10 years we have been building sales structures in Mexico for German and Austrian companies. We support companies who want to sell their goods and services in Mexico. Mexico Consulting builds up your distribution in Mexico and finds suitable employees. Our consultants look for competent employees, take care of employment contracts, accompany the hiring process and make sure that the sales in Mexico are successful. We take care of the Mexican market in a cost-effective and efficient way. 

Company Acquisition and Joint Venture

Would you like to buy a Mexican company or perhaps form a joint venture? Our management consultancy will help you identify suitable companies and accompany you through the negotiations in Mexico. If you decide to form a joint venture, we will be happy to inform you about the best way to proceed. Are you perhaps interested in a company and do not want to act as a buyer in a first step? We are experienced business consultants and will obtain specific information on the Mexican company for you and inform you about ownership structure, decision makers and internal procedures. 

Project Management

You have the opportunity to implement a project in Mexico? Our business consultants have more than 10 year experience in project management. We make sure that your employees have the right visas, find local subcontractors for you, negotiate prices and guarantee the successful implementation of your projects in Mexico. Mexico Consulting takes care of economic, legal and tax issues and manages activities in Mexico. Local presence, many years of experience and a broad network help us to lead your projects to success.

Recruitment and Selection of Personnel

Are you looking for qualified personnel in Mexico? Our experienced business consultants will find qualified and well-trained employees for you. You have very specific requirements and want to be sure that the employee is the right one? We guarantee to find the right person for you. Our management consultancy takes care of the tenders, accompanies the selection process and ensures that you find the employees you are looking for. 

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