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Dr. Mauricio Foeth is an English, German and Spanish speaking lawyer in Mexico. His law firm offers a full-service offering in Mexico. The lawyer’s services range from the establishment and registration of companies in Mexico to contract drafting and labor law. All contracts and agreements are drawn up in English and Spanish.

Dr. Mauricio Foeth

The English-speaking lawyer Dr. Mauricio Foeth is licensed to practice law in both Mexico and Germany. He is a trusted lawyer for the German Embassy, ​​the Austrian Embassy and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. He is a member of the German-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The lawyer Mauricio Foeth is an experienced corporate law and labor law expert. In addition to his work as a lawyer, he is a partner in a tax consulting firm.

His areas of expertise include, among others:

  • Corporate law
  • Employment law
  • Contract law
  • Social security law

We primarily serve companies in the industry and service sectors.

Our clients include:

  • Automotive suppliers
  • Electrical industry
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Creative and design industries
  • Aerospace industry
  • Maritime industry
  • Mechanical engineering and metal processing
  • Wind energy


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Medellin 184, Oficina 111,

Alc. Cuauthémoc

06700 Mexiko City


Drawing up contracts and securing payments

Our attorneys advise and support you in drafting contracts and securing payments. In Mexico it is particularly important to work with letters of credit, guarantees and payment insurance (sola bills, promissory notes).

Labor law and trade unions

Our lawyers are experts in labor law. Labor law in Mexico is subject to strict regulations. We draft employment contracts for local employees and expats specifically according to your needs. Our business consultants in Mexico protect your subsidiary and especially your production site from problematic unions.

Sales and representatives

Distribution and agency agreements must be drafted with particular attention to local labor law. We attach particular importance to the careful drafting of contracts to protect your licensing and trademark rights. Our attorneys and business consultants in Mexico will be happy to advise you on the customary local conditions regarding sales ratios, commissions and exit strategies.

Company acquisition and joint venture

Our business consultants in Mexico prepare the establishment of a joint venture and company acquisitions and enforce your interests in the drafting of the corresponding contracts.

Establishment and incorporation

Our attorneys will provide you with detailed information on possible business forms and will assist you in establishing a branch office in Mexico. From a representative office, to a sales branch, to your own production site, our business consultants will provide you with comprehensive support and assistance.

Visas and work permits

Our visa experts will take care of obtaining the necessary work permits for your employees. We take care of directors, executives, technicians and professionals regardless of the length of your stay.

Payment collection

The enforcement of claims and the collection of payments in Mexico require thorough contractual preparation. Our attorneys will help you recover outstanding debts.

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