Tax Consultant

We take care of your taxes, payroll and accounting in Mexico.


Our tax consultants calculate both the tax burden and the employer and employee contributions for your branch in Mexico. This includes income tax burden, pension/pension insurance, social security and payments to the legally required building society. Tax and business consultants prepare monthly and annual income and payroll tax returns. In February of each year, we also provide proof of income tax withholding. Our tax advisors calculate for you the risk premium on which your social security contributions are based and pay the social security contributions of your employees. Furthermore, we carry out the payments to your suppliers. Our Mexican tax consultants also manage fringe benefits. Our business consultants create strategies for you to implement current legal changes in Mexico in a cost-saving manner.


Payroll accounting includes monthly calculations of wages and additional benefits for your employees. The transfer of the wages and the delivery of the pay slips in personalized envelopes are also part of our services. Christmas bonuses, vacation pay, profit sharing, commissions and the profit sharing regulated by law in Mexico are also calculated by our tax consultants.


Our tax advisors keep your accounting records in accordance with the latest Mexican legal standards and align them with your internal requirements and policies. We prepare your financial statements, balance sheets and income statements in accordance with Mexican GAAP. You will receive a monthly report from our tax consultants with all relevant financial information.


The management of their personnel and personnel files is carried out by our business consultants. We calculate vacation entitlement, special levies, severance pay and employee profit sharing. We are in close contact with your human resources department.


Our Mexican tax consultants apply for your tax number and manage its registration with the tax authorities. Our business consultants in Mexico make payments and issue checks. Likewise, we manage your checking account and review bank statements. The tax consultants prepare invoices, operating cash flows and budget projections. They are happy to assist your accountants with year-end audits.

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